Our Roundtable leaders seek to ensure that Tennesseans can acquire the knowledge, skills and resources they need in order to excel in the occupations that are critical to our state’s economic success.


I.   We believe our state succeeds when Tennesseans are equipped with the knowledge, skills and credentials they need in order to succeed in our workforce.

II.   We aspire to create a Tennessee in which at least 55% of working-age adults possess a post-secondary credential by 2025.


  • TN Talent Pipeline Management

  • TCAT/Comm. College Curricula

  • Career-Technical Education (CTE)

  • TN Bus. Fund for Public Education

  • Internship Programs

  • Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning

The Roundtable convened a statewide Summit meeting of 140 business and education leaders to discuss the use of Work-Based Learning (WBL) at the high school level as a way of enriching the talent pipeline into high-need industries across the state.

  • Career Mentoring/LINKS

  • K-12 Career Awareness

  • Child Care Access/Affordability 

  • Apprenticeship Programs

  • Worker Mobility

  • Broadband Access


Pathways Tennessee

The Roundtable is a member of the Pathways TN State Planning Team. Pathways aims to provide Tennessee students rigorous academic/career pathways, which are linked to economic and labor market needs and trends.


The Roundtable Foundation received a $350,000 grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help adults “Reconnect” to finish college degrees. Due to this grant, 64,094 adult Tennesseans visited the TN Reconnect website and 8,509 visitors got information and personal assistance toward re-enrollment.