Since its inception, Roundtable leaders have understood the need for a robust education system. In order to have a thriving economy, an educated populace is a necessity. Rigorous standards, high expectations of students, and aligned assessments are the building blocks of a prepared workforce. Below are some ways that the Roundtable helps to ensure that Tennesseans are graduating with the skills necessary to be successful.



I.   We believe our state succeeds when our public education systems, with the influence and partnership of the business community, deliver the knowledge, skills and credentials which Tennesseans require in order to succeed in our present and future workplaces.

II.   We aspire to create and facilitate innovative partnerships to build a strong connect between business and education to prepare our students for a rapidly evolving marketplace.


  • Pre-K – quality programs

  • K-12 academic standards

  • K-12 charter schools

  • K-12 ESAs/vouchers

  • K-12 teacher evaluations

  • K-12 teacher – profession/stds.

  • K-12 testing (TN Ready)

  • Higher ed – TN curricula

  • Career orientation

  • Drive to 55

  • Financial literacy

  • Workforce development

  • Professionals in classroom

  • TN Promise

  • TN Reconnect


ETWOT front page.png

The Roundtable partnered with the State Collaborative on Reforming Education to develop and release a brief entitled “Educating the Workforce of Tomorrow: Post secondary And Career Readiness In Tennessee.” Intended as an informational resource for policy-makers, candidates, and advocates in business, education and communities, the brief summarizes Tennessee’s current state-, regional- and local-level responses to our state’s readiness challenges.

ETWOT action items front page.png

Building on the full report, this one-pager lists what regional and local leaders and employers can do to start building Tennessee's workforce. Click the link above to find out what steps you can take today to start developing your talent pipeline.


College Completion Academies

To date, the Roundtable has hosted 7 College Completion Academies, which are intensive two-day meetings designed to provide strategic planning support to two-year and four-year institutions and the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology as they think through goals in key priorities.