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Who We Are - Tennessee Business Roundtable
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Pro-Business Policy For Tennessee's Future


Ensure long-term competitiveness, economic growth and job creation by sustaining, enhancing and protecting TN's business reputation and climate for location, investment and expansion.


Ensure K-12 students graduate ready to attain post-secondary credentials and enter our workforce with the competencies needed for success in Tennessee’s 21st-century economy.


Ensure workforce well-being and productivity by improving health outcomes for working-age Tennesseans, sustaining care networks, promoting coverage access and controlling costs.


Ensure Tennesseans can acquire the knowledge, skills and resources they need in order to excel in the occupations that are critical to our state’s economic success.

A Message From Our Chairman, David Pickler

The Tennessee Business Roundtable has been dedicated to establishing the State of Tennessee as the destination of choice for business for over 40 years. We provide our Member Executives with access to key decision makers and policy leaders, ensuring that the voice of Tennessee business leaders is strong, resolute and persuasive.  

Our unique, invitation-only membership structure and engaged network of influential business, legislative and policy leaders empowers our members to have a seat at the table for the crucial conversations that shape the direction of critical decisions and policies in Tennessee.  

Tennessee’s governmental and policy leaders view the Roundtable as the trusted voice of business in our state. We are respected and powerful advocates for the interests of our members and for businesses throughout Tennessee. We are also trusted and impactful partners on issues of common interest. 

As a business leader, you must make choices about how to allocate scarce resources to achieve maximum impact. A decision to invest in membership in the Tennessee Business Roundtable will deliver meaningful returns on an ongoing basis. Your membership will ensure that your business has a seat the table for the most important conversations in our state. You will be provided countless opportunities to engage with legislative and governmental leaders to impact issues of critical importance. Lastly, you will benefit from the opportunity to network with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders in Tennessee.  

In the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, the character of Aaron Burr lamented about not b
eing “in the room where it happened.”  For over 40 years, the Tennessee Business Roundtable has ensured that our members are always in the room where it happens!  Join our Roundtable as we continue to advocate on behalf of Tennessee business!

David Pickler, 2024 Chairman

President & CEO, Pickler Wealth Advisors (Collierville)

Learn more about David.

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