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Enhancing Tennessee’s Vibrant Economic Climate

Together, we create and promote pro-business policies that contribute significantly to the success of the Volunteer State’s economy and people.

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Pro-Business Policy for Tennessee's Future


Ensure long-term competitiveness, economic growth and job creation by sustaining, enhancing and protecting TN's business reputation and climate for location, investment and expansion.


Ensure K-12 students graduate ready to attain post-secondary credentials and enter our workforce with the competencies needed for success in Tennessee’s 21st-century economy.


Ensure workforce well-being and productivity by improving health outcomes for working-age Tennesseans, sustaining care networks, promoting coverage access and controlling costs.


Ensure Tennesseans can acquire the knowledge, skills and resources they need in order to excel in the occupations that are critical to our state’s economic success.

A Message From 2023 Chair Mike Harrell 


2023 Chair

Mike Harrell
CEO & Principal Bus. Advisor
Latitude Advisors, LLC

Welcome to the Tennessee Business Roundtable!

Tennessee consistently ranks in the top 10 states in which to do business.  For decades, our state and business leaders have promoted and implemented policies that have kept our economy strong with low taxes, low cost of living, a deliberate focus on continuous improvement of public education, and creating an environment that attracts entrepreneurs and innovators.


The Tennessee Business Roundtable has played a significant role in helping shape those policies since 1983.  We play that role by convening business and government leaders to develop, advocate for, and work toward implementing policies that support long-term economic prosperity throughout our state. Through our four Policy Councils, our member executives can collaborate with one another to develop vision-stretching, needle-moving, next-in-class policy ideas that make a difference for Tennessee in Education, Health, Workforce development, and Competitiveness. 


Because of Tennessee’s reputation, my family and I made a choice to move to Tennessee and start a business here 17 years ago.  We found a welcoming, collaborative environment, and a deep sense of community around common values and goals.


I’ve personally found the Tennessee Business Roundtable to be one of the most unselfish business groups I have ever encountered.  It’s also one of the most diverse – not only in terms of the dozen-plus industry sectors which our member companies represent, but also in its diversity of geography and business scope.  We include large multi-nationals, medium-sized regional operators, and small start-ups – united by the common belief that Tennessee’s vibrant economic climate is driven by an educated, healthy populace and sound state fiscal policies.


We recognize that our Roundtable’s unique approach is not for everyone. But if you are a business executive who is passionate about strengthening Tennessee’s business climate for succeeding generations, and want to be a part of our next 40 years of advancing our state “not for ourselves alone, but for all Tennessee,” there’s a place for you at our Roundtable!


Mike Harrell

2023 Chairman, Tennessee Business Roundtable

CEO & Principal Business Advisor, Latitude Advisors LLC, Chattanooga

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