The Tennessee Business Roundtable works to optimize the quality of life & well-being of all Tennesseans and seeks to be the most respected & influential policy voice for Tennessee’s business community.

Welcome Note from Roundtable Chair

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Since its inception in 1983, our Tennessee Business Roundtable has distinguished itself from other business groups by convening and engaging thought leaders in business from across our state to collaborate, evaluate, and advocate for ideas and policies which support Tennessee’s economy and business climate.  It is comprised of business principals from all over our state who not only understand the intricacies of business but also the important, mutually beneficial relationship between a healthy and educated workforce, business friendly policies, and strong economic development.

Those core values and principles strongly reflect those of my own business.  Like Silicon Ranch, our Roundtable recognizes the important relationship between our state’s economic performance and the quality of life and well-being of its citizens. 


Our Roundtable seeks to execute against our Mission and our Vision for Tennessee by forging meaningful partnerships with policymakers and business and nonprofit leaders.  By engaging aligned stakeholders in a spirit of trust, sincerity, collaboration, and service, our Roundtable aspires to secure and sustain our state’s economic future.


Working together through our Roundtable to achieve those aims, Tennessee’s business leaders hope to deliver the most meaningful legacy possible to future generations of Tennesseans: a vital, competitive economy supported by an educated, capable and healthy workforce—and enduring, business-friendly policies that continue to attract companies of all sizes to relocate to or expand operations in the Volunteer State.


We invite fellow executive leaders of businesses and organizations throughout Tennessee to join us in pursuing our Vision—to create a Tennessee which leads our region and nation in K-12 and post-secondary educational performance, in workforce-connected health improvement, and in adoption of policies which support our state’s business climate for the long term.


--Matt Kisber

Chairman of the Board, Silicon Ranch Corporation – Nashville, Tennessee

2020-21 Chair, Tennessee Business Roundtable