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Tennessee Business Roundtable Calls for Pro-Business, Pro-Worker Federal Tax Policy Reform

Executive business group names Hamilton-Ryker co-founder McCreight to chair Policy Committee

Nashville, TN, October 24, 2017:  The Tennessee Business Roundtable (TBR) today joined a growing chorus of pro-growth organizations in calling upon the 115th Congress to enact meaningful federal tax reforms that deliver real relief to Tennessee businesses and wage-earners.

The Tennessee Business Roundtable favors changes to our nation’s current tax system that promote the growth of Tennessee’s economy, and the well-being and success of Tennessee families. The United States currently has the highest corporate tax rate of all industrialized countries, which hinders not only investments in and by Tennessee companies, but also job opportunities and higher wages for our state’s workers. Tennessee job-creators and wage-earners need and deserve relief from high rates, complex rules and competitive disadvantages created by the current system.

“There has long been an urgent need for federal tax policy reforms that allow American and Tennessee companies to be more competitive on a global scale, and give these job creators the relief and certainty they need to expand capital spending and hiring,” stated TBR President Pat Sheehy. “TBR urges members of Tennessee’s congressional delegation to actively support the enactment of much-needed federal tax reforms and to deliver relief that will allow Tennessee’s economic engine to reach peak performance.”

“The current federal tax system is hindering economic growth in Tennessee and throughout our nation,” added TBR Chair Margaret Dolan (President & CEO, LocalShares, LLC, Nashville, TN). “Reforming it is an appropriate, effective and long-overdue way to accelerate our national and state economies, create more and better jobs, raise wages, and strengthen the global competitiveness of Tennessee’s workers and businesses.”

In conjunction with its call for federal tax policy reform, TBR announced the appointment of Wayne McCreight, co-founder of Martin, TN-based Hamilton-Ryker, as Chair of the Roundtable’s Policy Committee. “Wayne McCreight knows what it takes to start and grow a successful business in Tennessee,” said Anthony Kimbrough, TBR’s 2018 Chair-Elect (CEO, Farm Bureau Health Plans, Columbia, TN). “We are excited that Wayne will be bringing his decades of executive experience, business acumen, and concern for the prosperity of Tennessee’s economy and people to bear in leading the Roundtable’s renewed and expanded policy leadership efforts.”

“We are constantly looking for ways to make our companies more efficient and competitive, and it’s time to do the same with our federal tax code,” said McCreight. “The current tax system puts Tennessee’s businesses at a competitive disadvantage to our competitors in foreign nations, and it’s expensive to comply with,” he added.  “Congress now has a tremendous opportunity to adopt significant reform measures to help Tennessee companies accelerate job creation and wage growth. I’m honored to chair the Roundtable’s Policy Committee, and I join TBR in urging our congressional delegation to deliver the reforms needed to truly unleash Tennessee’s economy.”

Earlier this fall, Hamilton-Ryker was a Policy Partner Sponsor of TBR’s Gubernatorial Round-Robin event, which featured “first job interviews” with six of Tennessee’s top 2018 Governor candidates covering education, health, state finance, workforce, and other policy areas.


To optimize the quality of life and well-being of all Tennesseans, the Tennessee Business Roundtable (TBR) develops and seeks to implement public policies which enhance our state’s vibrant economic climate.  Founded by prominent Tennessee business leaders in 1983, and dedicated to the belief that an educated, healthy populace and sound state fiscal policies are the primary drivers of Tennessee’s vibrant economy, TBR seeks to be the most respected & influential policy voice for Tennessee’s business community.




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