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Tennessee Business Roundtable Welcomes Knoxville’s Mollenhour Gross, LLC to Membership

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The Tennessee Business Roundtable ( is pleased to welcome Mollenhour Gross, LLC to the organization’s membership, following the unanimous approval of the firm’s membership bid by the Roundtable’s Executive Committee on March 11.  Founder and Co-CEO Jordan Mollenhour will serve as Mollenhour Gross’ principal representative to the Roundtable’s all-member Board of Directors.

“The Tennessee Business Roundtable offers me and Mollenhour Gross a unique opportunity to help shape positive policies for the benefit of all Tennesseans, and to learn from the deep well of business experience, perspective and wisdom within this business organization’s executive membership,” said Mollenhour.

“I look forward to developing lifelong relationships with likeminded civic and business leaders as I begin engaging with my fellow Roundtable executives,” he added.

Founded in 2004 by Mollenhour and business partner Dustin Gross, privately-held Mollenhour Gross actively seeks ownership positions in successful companies with annual revenues of at least $1 million per year.  The firm focuses on providing its portfolio companies with strategic guidance, support and long-term stability, preferring to rely on the “exceptional people” who have started and grown its companies—often in what it terms “humble, stable industries”—to continue leading, managing, and growing them.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jordan and Mollenhour Gross to our organization’s growing membership,” said Eddie Jett, CEO of Knoxville-based MBI Companies, Inc., elected in January to serve as the Roundtable’s 2020-21 Regional Vice President for East Tennessee.  “Jordan and his firm bring additional entrepreneurial and business-investment perspectives to our organization, and I’m also glad to have him join me and others in representing Knoxville’s business community within the Roundtable membership.”

Mollenhour Gross currently holds ownership positions in over a dozen companies whose operations span the United States and extend abroad, operating in a wide variety of industry sectors including software, e-commerce, aviation, warehousing/order fulfillment, recycling, printing, manufacturing, hospitality, appliance services, and real estate.  The firm also makes occasional investments in public securities, specialty loans, and other assets.

“Mollenhour Gross and Jordan Mollenhour are terrific examples of the kind of company and executive which make our Roundtable unique among Tennessee business organizations,” noted Matt Kisber, Chairman of the Board of Nashville-based Silicon Ranch Corporation, who serves as the Roundtable’s 2020-21 Chair. “One of our Roundtable’s core strengths is its ability to convene executives who lead businesses in over a dozen different sectors across our state, yet recognize that our collective business success relies on securing both an educated and healthy workforce and business-friendly public policies for Tennessee,” Kisber continued.  “We were delighted to discover that Jordan and Mollenhour Gross share our vision, and we’re looking forward to the contributions they’ll make to our Roundtable.”



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