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TBR Foundation, TN Board of Regents Boost College Advising

Higher-ed outcome expert John Gardner delivers virtual keynote
Academy attendees work to produce advising plans



On March 1st and 2nd , the TBR Foundation hosted the Spring 2017 Tennessee Advising Academy, continuing the successful partnership it began with the Tennessee Board of Regents at the original College Completion Academy in 2011. This event was the first ever to focus solely on coordinating student advising functions within each college.

“Tennessee’s businesses need our state’s higher education system to produce greater numbers of highly- competent graduates with credentials that match employers’ talent pipeline needs,” says TBR President Pat Sheehy, who welcomed Advising Academy participants to Nashville on March 2. “Better college advising promotes higher rates of college completion and credentialing. Through our Foundation’s support of this Advising Academy, TBR is helping its members meet their workforce needs by supporting excellence in advising among the Board of Regents’ state universities, community colleges and TCATs.”


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