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TBR Delivers WBL Insights to TN General Assembly Staff

TBR’s Cassie Lynn Foote delivered the Roundtable’s insights on a critical workforce development strategy to key staff of the Tennessee General Assembly during a July panel discussion organized by a TBR policy ally. 

In the first 2017 policy briefing offered by Complete Tennessee as a part of its Tennessee Legislative Staff Education Institute (TLSEI), Foote shared information about the challenges that businesses face when bringing minors into the workplace, and examples of how some organizations have creatively addressed and solved these issues. When asked about options for incentivizing partner engagement, Foote gave examples from other states, such as developing legislation around tax credits for businesses that participate in work-based learning initiatives.

Other panel topics included issues around creating, expanding, and maintaining successful work-based learning experiences, increasing buy-in and participation, and the links between work-based learning and post-secondary success. Moderated by Jan McKeel, Executive Director of the South Central TN Workforce Alliance, the panel also included representatives from Northeast State Community College/Eastman Chemical, the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing, and the TN Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Rep. Harry Brooks, Rep. John Forgety, and Sen. Dolores Gresham serve as the Institute’s Advisory Council.

The Institute, a partnership between Complete Tennessee and Capitol Impact, provides independent, nonpartisan education and relationship-building programs to key staff from various parties, branches, and departments on topics related to higher education. Participants left the policy brief with a better understanding of work-based learning, apprenticeships, and the needs of their stakeholders. The group will follow up this meeting with in-person visits to sites that currently operate work-based learning initiatives, including a visit to TBR member Volkswagen.



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