Enhancing Tennessee’s Vibrant Economic Climate

Founded in 1983, the Tennessee Business Roundtable has partnered successfully with Tennessee’s Governors, General Assembly leaders and business, non-profit and academic stakeholders. Together, we create and promote pro-business policies that contribute significantly to the success of the Volunteer State’s economy and people.

Our Core Values

We believe our state’s economy succeeds when Tennesseans:

  • Receive from public education the knowledge, skills and credentials needed to succeed in our workforce

  • Have the health to perform fully in the workplace and the marketplace

  • Are served well by sound state fiscal management

Our Mission

To optimize the quality of life and well-being of all Tennesseans, we convene business leaders and strategic thinkers who develop, advocate for and seek to implement public policies and business-driven initiatives that enhance our state’s vibrant economic climate.

Our Vision For Tennessee

We aspire to create a Tennessee which:

  • Ranks in the top half of all states in educational achievement

  • Has 55% of working-age adults with a post-secondary credential

  • Ranks in the top half of states for improvement in workforce-connected health measures

  • Has the #1 business climate in the Southeast U.S. and is in the U.S.’s top 10


Ensure long-term competitiveness, economic growth and job creation by sustaining, enhancing and protecting Tennessee’s business reputation and climate for location, investment and expansion.

Ensure K-12 students graduate ready to attain post-secondary credentials and enter our workforce with the competencies needed for success in Tennessee’s 21st-century economy.

Ensure workforce well-being and productivity by improving health outcomes for working-age Tennesseans, sustaining care networks, promoting coverage access, and controlling costs.

Ensure Tennesseans can acquire the knowledge, skills and resources they need in order to excel in the occupations that are critical to our state’s economic success.

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