A vibrant economy is dependent upon a healthy populace. Healthy citizens are more productive, lead to less costly insurance premiums, miss fewer work and/or school days, and  reduce turnover in the workplace.

Health Policy Platform

  • To control health care costs, sustain care networks, and promote access to health coverage for more Tennesseans, TBR supports the reduction of regulatory barriers that limit health care and coverage innovation, and urges avoidance of mandates that drive up the costs of care to employers.
  • To increase the productivity of Tennessee’s workforce, TBR supports policies addressing the chronic health conditions afflicting working-age Tennesseans through partnerships between government and the private sector.
  • To promote better workforce health and enhance employer-employee relations, TBR supports policies and actions which empower employers to incentivize positive health employee lifestyle choices.

Policy in Action

Coalition for a Healthy TN

The Roundtable led a coalition of a wide variety of businesses who advocated for the expansion of Medicaid in Tennessee based on the positive economic impact that expansion would bring to the state.