Tennessee Business Roundtable members believe strongly that one of the pillars of Tennessee’s economy is a business climate with sensible tax and regulatory burdens and sound state fiscal policies. The Roundtable opposes policies and initiatives that might negatively affect Tennessee’s ability to remain competitive.

Competitiveness Policy Platform

  • To sustain and enhance Tennessee’s business climate, TBR supports the limitation of government mandates and regulatory burdens on business to those reasonable and necessary to ensure public safety and fair competition.
  • To ensure the long-term competitiveness of Tennessee for business location and expansion, TBR supports sound state fiscal policies which promote the stability and sustainability of state revenues and expenditures.
  • To protect Tennessee’s reputation as a state that welcomes all persons to contribute to our workforce, communities, and economy, TBR opposes policies which target Tennesseans for unequal treatment on the basis of national origin, sexual orientation, religion, and other personal characteristics.
  • To support continued job creation and economic growth in Tennessee, TBR supports the prioritization of state public infrastructure projects which most directly support the efficient flow of commercial goods and employees within and through our state.

Policy in Action

The Tennessee Business Roundtable favors changes to our nation’s current tax system that promote the growth of Tennessee’s economy, and the well-being and success of Tennessee families. The United States currently has the highest corporate tax rate of all industrialized countries, which hinders not only investments in and by Tennessee companies, but also job opportunities and higher wages for our state’s workers. Tennessee job-creators and wage-earners need and deserve relief from high rates, complex rules and competitive disadvantages created by the current system.

Tennessee’s economic success, both today and tomorrow, relies upon its ability to efficiently move goods and people within and through our state—especially for vital Tennessee business sectors like manufacturing, logistics and agriculture. Tennessee Business Rountable supports updating TN’s user-fee-based transportation funding system to meet 21st-century realities. 

Judicial Selection

The Tennessee Business Roundtable strongly supports our constitutional system of three distinct branches of government with a strong and independent judicial branch. An independent judiciary is absolutely essential for a government of laws and a system of commerce that can flourish to provide good jobs for our citizens. For that reason, TBR supported and advocated in favor of Constitutional Amendment 2 which ultimately passed in 2014.