Initiatives & Partnerships

The Talent Pipeline Managment (TPM) initiative, a partnership between the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) and Strada Education Network, started in 2014 as an effort to mobilize the business community to close the skills gap by applying lessons learned from supply chain management to its education and workforce partnerships.

When employers assert ownership of their talent supply chains as highly-engaged “end-customers,” they can organize performance-driven partnerships with responsive preferred education & workforce training providers.

TPM-trained conveners organize two or more employers into a collaborative which uses TPM’s six strategies to:

  • Identify, define and specify competencies for a specific, in-demand, business-critical occupation;
  • “Trace back” the sources from which their current employees received their training and credentials;
  • Engage directly with those talent sources to inform/improve their curricula and expand their output.

The Tennessee Business Roundtable is leading an effort to coordinate and support Tennessee’s TPM efforts. We’re launching a website soon. You’ll be able to visit for more information & how to get involved.

Tennessee Business Fund for Public Education

In the fall of 2018, the Tennessee School Boards Association, the Tennessee Business Roundtable, and the American Public Education Foundation partnered to launch the Tennessee Business Fund for Public Education (TBFPE).

The new charitable Fund will directly support the creation of programs in public schools that lead to postsecondary success and career opportunities for students, while giving businesses the opportunity to develop a future ready workforce.  Through the Fund, Tennessee businesses and individuals will be empowered to create grant opportunities for public school districts in four career-connected focus areas:

  • Postsecondary credit, national industry certifications, and credentials
  • Literacy
  • Character Education
  • Health


Meeting the future needs of Tennessee’s economy.


The Tennessee Business Fund for Public Education connects business organizations and individuals with Tennessee public schools to empower all students with exceptional programs that promote career readiness and post-secondary success.


-Empower students with the skills necessary for career and post-secondary success.
-Build partnerships between school districts and businesses to create a talent pipeline.

"This Fund will provide Tennessee’s businesses a unique opportunity to positively influence the future of our workforce through direct partnerships with our public schools. By donating funds to assist a single school, to support one or more school districts, or on an unrestricted basis, this Fund allows businesses of any size to take an active role in building a talent pipeline."
Tinker Kelly
CEO of Voluntary Employee Benefit Advisors & 2018 Vice-Chair of TBR

For more information about the Fund, contact TSBA at (615) 815-3900 or TBR at (615) 255-5877.