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TN COVID-19 Unified Command is partnering with Roundtable member Launch Tennessee

Can your business’s services, products and/or ideas help fight COVID-19 in Tennessee? 

Roundtable member #LaunchTN is partnering with Tennessee’s COVID-19 Unified Command to connect business solutions, resources  and capabilities to COVID-19 response needs, through the new Tennessee Innovation Crowdsource Platform.

Starting today, businesses can:

  • Register on the Platform to inform the state’s Unified Command of the goods and services your business provides, so the Unified Command can rapidly find and contact you when there’s a need your business can fill.
  • View Open Solicitations for goods/services (e.g., medical materials, temporary housing, transportation, etc.)

To get started, connect to the Platform at

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TBR Announces 2019 Policy Priorities

The Tennessee Business Roundtable today announced its 2019 State Policy Priorities, reflecting Roundtable members’ top concerns in the areas of Education & Workforce Development, Health, and Competitiveness & Business Climate.

“When we asked dozens of our state’s executive business leaders about their top policy concerns, they identified fourteen priorities for action by our Roundtable,” said TBR President Pat Sheehy.  “TBR is making these ‘big rocks’ our priorities in working with the incoming Lee Administration and the Tennessee General Assembly to create positive policy change supporting businesses, people and economic growth across our state’s three Grand Divisions.”

Here are the Roundtable’s top policy concerns for this year—click the links to view details about each priority:

Education and Workforce Development

  • Fix Tennessee’s K-12 academic testing—and keep it closely aligned to our state’s academic standards.
  • Keep Tennessee’s hard-won, rigorous K-12 academic standards strong—and keep improving them.
  • Expand the availability of early childhood education programs for Tennessee’s youngest future workers.
  • Accelerate alignment between the K-12 and post-secondary curricula that supply the high-skill, living-wage occupations in greatest demand in Tennessee’s economy.
  • Better-coordinate Tennessee state government’s workforce-development efforts, make them more transparent to those served, and open them up to input from and involvement by our state’s job-creators.


  • Fight the chronic health conditions which prevent too many Tennesseans from participating in and contributing fully to our state’s workforce, and whose costs hurt our economy, through policies that:
    • Empower employers to promote employee health through HSA and health insurance incentives.
    • Promote government-private sector partnerships to address chronic health conditions.
    • Enhance availability of low- or no-cost generic RXs to control chronic health conditions.
    • Increase the number of primary care providers in TN via better payment & opportunities.
    • Reduce regulatory barriers to workplace-based medical facilities.
  • Further expand access to affordable health coverage for working-age Tennesseans.

Competitiveness and Business Climate

  • Make state projects to relieve commercial and commuter highway congestion a top priority for planning, ROW acquisition, engineering, and completion, second only to critical safety repairs.
  • Make Tennessee’s franchise & excise tax rates more competitive with those of other Southeast states.
  • Preserve Tennessee employers’ rights to control firearms and other risks on their property.
  • Protect and improve Tennessee’s Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance programs.
  • Keep Tennessee welcome to all persons who want to contribute to our workforce and economy.
  • Keep Tennessee’s regulatory “playing field” fair for alternative & advanced energy development.
  • Fight the opioid abuse threatening Tennessee’s workforce productivity and business reputation.

Press Release: Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee forms to support Governor Haslam health plan


December 16, 2014

Contact: Joe Hall

Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee

(615) 242‐8856

Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee forms to support Governor Haslam health plan

More than 80 business, health, civic groups deliver advocacy across Tennessee

NASHVILLE – A statewide group of about 80 business, health care and civic groups have formed the Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee to deliver advocacy in support of the Insure Tennessee plan introduced Monday by Governor Bill Haslam.

Coalition members include the Tennessee Business Roundtable, chambers of commerce, health care providers, businesses and civic organizations – located in communities from Memphis to Tri‐Cities. Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee this morning launched a campaign website – – and its members began a statewide effort to support legislative passage of Insure Tennessee.

“The business community has been skeptical of any type of health care reform in the state, but we have listened to Governor Haslam and his proposal is clearly not just Medicaid expansion. This is a Tennessee solution to a Tennessee problem,” said coalition spokesman Charlie Howorth, Executive Director of the Tennessee Business Roundtable.

“This coalition applauds Governor Haslam for developing a unique, market‐based solution that departs from the traditional Washington way of expanding Medicaid,” Howorth said. “Tennessee is our great state, but it is one of the unhealthiest states in the nation, a fact which poses risk to the goals all of us have for economic opportunity and quality of life. Expanding access to coverage for the working poor must be part of the solution to improve health of our citizens. The bottom line is that this plan will improve the health of Tennesseans, which will directly benefit the health of our rural and urban community workforces and our economy.”

Without the Governor’s plan, Tennessee will pay an estimated $7.8 billion worth of taxes towards other states’ health care programs between 2013 and 2022, according to a 2014 report from the Urban Institute.

“Governor Haslam’s plan will ensure that the billions of dollars Tennesseans will pay in Medicaid taxes in the coming years will stay in our state to provide care for our fellow citizens and contribute to our own economy instead of going to places like California, New York and Connecticut as is happening right now.”

Additional reasons for the Coalition’s support of Insure Tennessee include:

  • Positive impact to health outcomes. Tennessee now ranks No. 45 among all states in the most recent America’s Health Rankings, an annual analysis of the health of the nation conducted by UnitedHealth Foundation. As access to coverage and care is a contributing factor to Tennessee’s chronically poor condition, Insure Tennessee would provide access to hundreds of thousands of working Tennesseans.
  • Benefits for all of Tennessee. The plan ensures access to health care in all 95 counties, support for community hospitals that serve as critical lifelines and stimulate our economy.
  • Sound fiscal policy for Tennessee. Insure Tennessee will not create any new taxes or divert state revenues from other priorities. The Governor’s plan, which is based on private health market principles, relies on currently paid Medicaid taxes to draw matching federal funds, and requires patients to participate financially.The Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee will regularly conduct education and advocacy events and provide data‐based information in support of the Insure Tennessee proposal.For more information, visit The site features the Haslam Administration’s proposed Insure Tennessee plan, information on the benefits of expanded coverage and who will benefit, and a full roster of coalition members. Tennessee groups and individuals that want to join the effort are encouraged to go to the site to sign up for information and updates.