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Welcome from
TBR 2017 Chair Margaret O. Dolan
President & CEO
LocalShares Knowledge, LLC
Nashville, TN

Welcome to the Tennessee Business Roundtable (TBR)! Our organization is founded on the belief that our state’s strong economic performance and the quality of life and well-being of Tennesseans are fundamentally connected. Guided by the recognition that an educated, healthy populace and sound state fiscal policies are the primary drivers of Tennessee’s vibrant economy, TBR brings together ideas, information and thought leaders with a view to becoming the most respected and influential policy voice for Tennessee’s business community.

The favorable business climate we enjoy today in Tennessee didn’t happen by chance. Rather, it’s the result of well-informed, collaborative, and forward-looking actions taken over decades by leaders in Tennessee’s businesses, governments and communities. One of TBR’s unique roles is to intentionally foster purposeful conversations through which our state’s leaders can communicate, align, and reach consensus on policy directions that will preserve the favorable business climate we enjoy today—while promoting the quality of life of all Tennesseans.

Enhancing, improving and preserving Tennessee’s business climate by focusing on its people isn’t “somebody else’s job”. As senior business leaders know very well, progress requires leadership. If the success of your Tennessee business relies on increasing the ability of Tennesseans to contribute to your company as skilled, productive employees—and as prosperous, confident customers—TBR’s collaborative approach to pro-business policy formation is directly benefiting your business.

If your business is already a member of the TBR, thank you for investing in our Roundtable’s important pro-business policy work! Take full advantage of your membership by actively engaging with our dynamic group of business leaders from across Tennessee to keep our state—and all Tennesseans—competitive.

If your business is not yet investing in TBR, I invite you to click through our website to

  • Discover TBR’s unique role in framing, creating and shaping public policy
  • See how the Roundtable fosters policy innovation in the areas of economic competitiveness, education, health, and more
  • Learn about TBR’s recent accomplishments and rich history of moving Tennessee forward through pro-business policy collaboration
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Welcome to the Tennessee Business Roundtable—where business leaders support our state’s economy and people.