Welcome from
TBR 2019 Chair Anthony Kimbrough
Chief Executive Officer
Farm Bureau Health Plans
Columbia, TN

Welcome to the Tennessee Business Roundtable!  Our name is simple and yet revealing because it indicates exactly who we are and what we are about.  We are immensely proud to call Tennessee home, expressly dedicated to pro-business policies, and collaboratively engaged around the table with senior business leaders.

We are an organization founded on the belief that our state’s strong economic performance is fundamentally connected to the quality of life and well-being of our fellow Tennesseans.  Yet that connection, we recognize, is not by accident.  It is the result of well-informed, well-discussed and forward-looking actions taken over decades by business, government and community leaders in Tennessee.

It is a heritage we are dedicated to honoring by fostering conversations through which our state’s leaders can communicate, align and reach consensus on policy directions to preserve our favorable business climate.  Through our Roundtable, we seek daily to bring together ideas, information and thought leaders with a view to being the most respected policy voice for Tennessee’s business community.

We are grateful for the efforts of those who have led Tennessee’s business environment to where it is today, and we are equally willing to accept that it is now our turn to lead.  Enhancing, improving and preserving our state’s vibrant economy is not someone else’s job; it is our job, and it requires intentional leadership.

To those who have joined our Roundtable, thanks for your investment and your work.  We urge you to take full advantage of your membership by actively engaging to keep our state competitive.

Not a member today?  TBR is accepting applications from senior business leaders who recognize that the Roundtable’s efforts directly benefit their business, and that increasing the ability of Tennesseans to contribute to our companies as skilled, productive employees is beneficial to all of us.  Learn more about our Roundtable by clicking through the following links, to:

  • Discover TBR’s unique approach to framing, creating and shaping public policy
  • See how the Roundtable fosters policy innovation in economic competitiveness, education, health, and workforce development
  • Learn about TBR’s recent accomplishments  and rich history;
  • Connect with our Roundtable’s Officers and regional leaders; and
  • Contact the TBR staff whose work supports your business each day.

Thanks for checking in on us today.  And thanks, most of all, for helping to make Tennessee’s tomorrow even better.

Anthony C. Kimbrough
2018 TBR Chair
CEO, Farm Bureau Health Plans
Columbia, Tennessee